Policy Development Process


This process pertains to official non-academic policies, which are approved by BCA’s Board of Governors. Academic policies are approved by Senate.

Identification of Need

Any member of the University community may propose that a new University policy, or a revision to an existing policy, is required.  Such a proposal must contain a well-crafted rationale and must have the support of the appropriate Department Head.


The Department Head would need to prepare an initial draft based on the policy template and guided by the policy on Policy Writing. This draft would result from carrying out appropriate consultation/assessment; evaluating implications of the policy including risks and costs; seeking legal advice where appropriate; developing and carrying out the communications plan and the implementation plan; and writing any related Procedures.


The Policy draft would then be sent to the University Auditor and Risk Management Officer and, ultimately, the appropriate Vice-President for review purposes. This process may require some back and forth communication to ensure the policy is in the approved format, and that it meets the need of the Department/Faculty/School and the University.


If the policy has broad implications for the University, it would be taken to a Seniors Management Group meeting by the Vice-President for advice and input.

Final Draft

Once the review and consultation process is complete, the final draft, with an accompanying Policy Tracking Form is sent to the University Auditor and Risk Management Officer. It will then be provided to the appropriate Vice-President.

Approval Process

The following are the steps which each Policy must take in its official approval process:

  • A Vice-President takes the Policy to a meeting between Vice-Presidents and the President;
  • The Policy is taken to the appropriate Committee of the Board of Governors for recommendation for approval;
  • The Board of Governors approve the Policy;
  • The Office of the President uploads the Policy to this website.
  • Procedures, when published, will be appropriately linked to the relevant Policy on this website.