About BCA

Bauder College (Atlanta), founded in 1964, is located in Atlanta, Georgia, with excellent geographical location and beautiful environment. The enrollment rate of the University reaches 1. Bauder College (Atlanta) is a vocational training school in Atlanta, Georgia. Since its establishment in 1964, it has been committed to providing high-quality and efficient learning courses and technical training for residents in Georgia. Bauder College (Atlanta) has been certified by the Southern College and School Council of the United States, and has also been certified by the non-public Secondary Education Committee of Georgia. Therefore, the curriculum standards, student service, teacher team, administration and other aspects of Bauder College (Atlanta) are guaranteed, so that students can enter the school safely. Bauder College (Atlanta) offers undergraduate and junior degree courses and non degree diploma training courses. These courses are designed to prepare students for successful employment. They are mainly divided into four aspects: Business Administration, accounting, fashion sales planning and fashion product development; computer, including computer network, computer maintenance experts and graphic design; and health care In terms of profession