Institutional Research

Institutional research contributes to institutional business intelligence by drawing on internal and external data sources to provide accurate, timely, and reliable information to support evidence-based and effective planning and decision making at a variety of levels within the institution. The Office of Institutional Research at BCA collects, analyzes, and interprets data, undertakes trend analysis and projections to provide analytical and information services in areas including strategic planning, academic planning and development, enrolment management, support program outcomes, and other areas related to students experience and success. 

The Office is also responsible for managing internal and external information requests and government reporting requirements related to student characteristics and experiences. 

The Office follows the principles and code of ethics outlined by the American Institutional Research and Planning Association and the Association for Institutional Research.


Dr. Yuqin Gong, Manager of Institutional Research
Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Research
Memorial Building, 232