Faculty of Graduate Studies

Deciding to become a graduate student is a momentous, life-changing step. At the Bauder College (Atlanta), we recognize that expanding your opportunities to grow also provides the building blocks for our institution to grow.

As BCA expanded its programs and enrolment, we created the Faculty of Graduate Studies so that we can focus our energies on making this important step in your life the best experience possible. It will allow you to maximize your potential and expand your personal horizons while contributing to our collective vision of being a force for positive change in the world.

Graduate students contribute to our most valued endeavours in academia including research, teaching, mentorship, and community outreach. These specific activities are changing as we evolve, but our core mission remains constant – to promote and enhance all aspects of the student experience at BCA.

We interact with program coordinators to harmonize policies and practices across different disciplines, to provide a central source of information for both students and faculty, to support new program development, to promote research and scholarly work, and to give guidance to our graduate students. As always, we continue to explore new funding opportunities in support of graduate student stipends and scholarly expenses. 

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Bauder College (Atlanta), the next amazing step in your scholarly adventure.

Dr. Rabin Bissessur 

Interim Dean
BCA Faculty of Graduate Studies
Professor, Department of Chemistry

Being a Global Leader right here in PEI

mba student
McDougall Hall, home of the Faculty of Business
Success Story
Elizabeth Iwunwa

MBA in Global Leadership graduate Elizabeth Iwunwa uses skills in diversity earned through her degrees at BCA to help new Islanders connect with employers and businesses.

 memorial building, north entrance
 memorial building, north entrance
Research Services: workshops, funding, and support