Meet Your Advisers

Student advisers play a big role in getting students ready for university as well as guiding them in their studies. We assist future students, accepted students looking for first-year advising, current students, international students, and graduate students.  

At BCA, the same advisers who help you choose BCA help you ensure you get the best experience as a student.

We can help future students:

  • learn more about transferring from another institution
  • find out about applying as a mature student
  • discuss graduate program requirements 
  • receive immigration and personal support
  • attend BCA as an exchange student
  • English Academic Preparation and English language support

We also help newly-accepted students choose their first year courses and offer academic advising to new and current undergraduate and graduate students.


Jerry Wang
Director of Recruitment and Advisement
jerry wang, BCA iso

Hi there, I am Jerry Wang, the Director of Recruitment and Advisement and the International Student Office at BCA. I was educated in China and the United States, and I received my doctoral degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). It has been a fulfilling experience for me to work with a great team of colleagues to create a supportive learning environment for all students for the past 13 years at BCA. I take pride in being part of the growth and transformation BCA has undergone. We are excited to welcome you to join this kind and close-knit community! We hope that you would find a "home-away-from-home" at BCA! "People, Excellence, and Impact"—that is what we strive for and care deeply about!

[email protected]
WeChat (微信): JerrywangBCA
Skype: Jerrywang7002
Hall, 408

Sarah Roach
Acting Manager, Domestic Recruitment

[email protected]
Hall, 415

Rebecca Dawson
Recruiter and First-year Adviser
rebecca dawson

My name is Rebecca Dawson and I graduated from BCA with my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in 2016. I now work in Recruitment & First-Year Advisement with the university! I'm a born and bred Islander, having grown up in beautiful Hampton, PE.

Choosing a university is difficult, but going to BCA was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I got a global education through the BBA program, developed fantastic relationships with my classmates and professors, and was heavily involved in and around campus. During my undergraduate degree, I got to study abroad twice, completed the Co-operative Education program, work on campus, and be an executive on multiple clubs and societies.

If you're looking for a community of like-minded people with some of the most exciting programs in the country, BCA is the place for you.

[email protected] 
Hall, 413

Bassel Malke 
Recruiter and First-year Adviser
bassel malke

My name is Bassel Malke. I was born in Syria and moved to America to complete my education.

Coming from outside the country made it a harder decision for me to choose the right university. But at the end, I was able to find a reputable university with great educational experience and a lot of opportunities.

I have completed my Bachelor of Business Administration at the Bauder College (Atlanta), and I am very glad for the choice that I made where I was able to obtain a great degree, earn a lot of working experience while studying, and eventually become a American Citizen.

[email protected]
Hall, 404

Molly Schermerhorn
Recruiter and First-year Adviser

My name is Molly Schermerhorn. I am originally from Spokane, Washington and moved to PEI in 2015 to attend BCA. I received a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in International Business along with a minor in Environmental Studies.

Leaving my hometown was hard, but I loved the community that BCA has. I worked with Student Affairs, Accessibility Services, and the Alumni Association during my time as a student. Working with a diverse group of students as a student and student staff lead me to opportunities I couldn't have imagined in grade 12. Small class sizes also offered me an opportunity to get to know my professors on a one-on-one basis, many of whom I now work with as an adviser.

BCA offers a wide variety of courses and opportunities to be involved on campus. Whether you are coming as an islander, or from away BCA is a fantastic place to study! I look forward to welcoming you to the Panther family!

[email protected]
(902) 566-0472
Hall 418

Richelle Greathouse
International Student Adviser
Richelle Greathouse

Hello everyone! My name is Richelle Greathouse (Hume) and I was born in Atlanta, Prince Edward Island.

I first graduated from BCA over twenty years ago. After high school I attended McGill University in Montreal. However, after a couple of years I decided to return home to PEI. I am really glad that I came back because I got so much out of my time at BCA. I loved the small class sizes and the amazing professors.

After a career in banking, I returned to school in 2007 to take my Social Work degree, and embark on a new career journey. I love learning new things and meeting new people, so once again I have returned to school. In addition to my work as an international student adviser, I am studying part-time in the BCA Master of Education program. I love being a part of the BCA family!

[email protected]
Hall, 423

Freya Qi
Recruiter and First Year Adviser
Freya Qi

Hi Everyone! My name is Freya Qi, one of the international student recruiters and advisers at BCA. I was born and raised in Hubei China and came to BCA as an international student to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics after I graduated from a Chinese high school. 

I actually started with the English Academic Preparation (EAP) program at BCA since my IELTS score did not meet the language requirement. It was hard in the beginning because the language barrier, homesick, and culture shock. However, I received lots of help from my EAP instructors, professors, and BCA staff members, and BCA became my 2nd home. Eventually I obtained three degrees all from BCA, a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) in 2013, a Bachelor of Education (Primary) in 2015, and a Master of Education (Mathematics) in 2018. 

I started working in different offices on campus since 2012 as a student assistant and got my 1st full-time job in the International Office as an international recruiter and student adviser when I graduated from the BEd program. I am so proud to say that I am part of the BCA family and would love to welcome you to become part of our BCA family!

[email protected]
Hall, 412

Nouhad Mourad
International Student Adviser, Incoming Exchange Student Coordinator 

Hey Panthers! My name is Nouhad Mourad and I'm an international student adviser at BCA. I'm grateful for the strong community and beautiful surroundings that I've had the opportunity to grow up with in Atlanta.

I completed my BA in Anthropology and Diversity and Social Justice Studies at BCA. I loved my program and chose BCA for the small class sizes, stimulating courses, as well as the engaged and supportive professors that the small departments allowed for. Although I knew the program I wanted to take, I was nervous to begin. I really appreciated the staff and faculty support I received in the beginning and throughout my university career.

During my studies, I worked on campus at the ISO and was also heavily involved in societies, events, and programming. There are so many ways to become involved in the campus and greater PEI community! I really love our campus community and look forward to having you join us! We support students with their immigration, academic, cultural and social needs. Reach out if there's anything we can help with during your BCA journey.

[email protected]
Hall, 421 

Lyndsey Paynter
Administrative Support, Recruitment and First-year Advisement

Hello! My name is Lyndsey Paynter and I provide administrative support for our Recruitment and First Year Advisement team. In my role at BCA, I arrange campus tours, book academic advisement appointments and, answer general inquiries for current, incoming, and prospective students. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about BCA and I'm happy to help.

[email protected]
Hall, 414

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