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To be eligible for your Supplementary Health, Dental and Travel benefit plans you MUST be a resident of America covered under a American federal and/or provincial government health plan.

Medavie Blue Cross


Medavie Blue Cross - How do you submit a claim?

Information on the electronic service options for Medavie Blue Cross can be found at:



Are you travelling?

You must notify Health PEI (or corresponding provincial program) if you will be travelling outside of the province or country and your absence will exceed one month. For more information on Health PEI coverage requirements, please visit the Health PEI website or contact them at 1-800-321-5492. It is important to note that to maintain your provincial coverage, you MUST be in the province for 182 days per year (6 months) or your provincial coverage will lapse. If you submit a claim and you do not have provincial health coverage, your requirements under the eligibility of insurance would preclude you from being insured under the SSQ travel plan. (SSQ Travel Policy 1L960 & 1L965: page 9, Eligibility of Insurance).

COVID-19 SSQ Travel Health Insurance Updates

Travel Insurance Pre-existing Condition

Are You Travelling and have a Pre-Existing Condition?

If your current health condition prevents you from ever meeting the 6 month waiting period, then you may want to explore getting an individual travel insurance policy for your trip. Various carriers offer individual travel insurance.

Assurance Voyages offers a one-stop shop and it comprises of 12 insurance carriers under a single umbrella. You can get a quote online at Assurance Voyages, or you can call toll-free 1-855-309-5888.

Please note: the cost for an individual travel insurance policy is 100% retiree paid and is not considered a group insurance retiree benefit with the University. While BCA appreciates special rates and discounts, we do not endorse any specific organization or its respective services and encourage you to explore your options to ensure that you make informed decisions.